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Haiya I'm Saffy (:
My bios are shit but lets just end it by saying I like turtles and YMAS.
As I have recently forgot how to sleep, I decided to draw my monotonous and tangled thoughts. Is that how thoughts look like? Well, one does not know. 😢
Strange clouds and rainbows 🌈
I said I was going to learn something new but then this happened.
I didn’t sleep (again) and so I’ve made this. 😢
There’s a big tree filled with lavender in my garden. Well hello there, hay fever πŸŒΈπŸ˜€
I draw something weird, then I start to question my life.
Instead of going out in this nice weather, I chose to stay and be unproductive. Yay 😢 #lazy
Never in my life have I been frightened by African masks. For a brief second there, I thought that they’d jump at me and start dancing. That’s how SCARED I was πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜–
Went to the Tate Britain gallery today :) it was .. interesting.
Had a fun day with my friends 😸
I’M FINALLY DONE WITH A LEVELS!!! :D I’ve been waiting for this day like forever so yep I’m happy that its over ^.^ ✌

Aaaand I’ve started on a small project for Ramadan .. These are just initial ideas but hopefully they’ll be improved :)
•don’t let their words rule you•
Going to record something :)
I couldn’t sleep but I ended up drawing @nabiilabee .. First time I actually use chalk pastel and color pencils together on a portrait :3 but yeah I’m quite happy with it :)
Off to donate my old English literature books :)
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